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( Boiler Applications ) A 3000ºF, super duty, fine grained, air-setting refractory paste. BOILER SUPPLIES PATCH F is an excellent maintenance material used to prolong the overall life of refractory linings. Product exhibits excellent bonding strength, and low shrinkage due to it’s chemical composition and low moisture content.


Power and Package Boilers typical applications includes water walls on fin and tangent design, soote blower openings, nose arch tubes, refractory baffles, wall and corner burners, entry and inspection doors.


FireTube Boilers typical applications includes fire side door patching, water side door patching, and baffle tile patching.


BOILER SUPPLIES PATCH F is typically used in place of wet, 3000ºF mortar. 

Short description: Boiler Supplies Boiler Patch F
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