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Duran tubular gage glass is offered as Red Line, Standard, Heavy Wall, High Pressure, and Heavy Wall Red Line. Diameters range from rom 1/2" OD to 1 1/2" OD. End finishes may be cut, ground, or fire polished depending on application. Pressure ratings range from 90 psi to 600 psi depending on end finish, diameter, and length required.

Additional Information
Applications: Tanks, reservoirs, low pressure boilers
Benefits: The red line shaded with white lines make it easier to read the liquid level End Finish: Fire polish
Applications: Low pressure boilers, restaurant equipment, closed tanks, liquid level gages, sight flow, film rolls hydraulic equipment
Benefits: Economical, low pressure applications, long service life
End Finish: Saw cut, no firepolish
Applications: Crude oil, water or gas flowmeter
Benefits: Permit stable and reliable operation while viewing oil, water or gas flow rates. End Finish: Carborundum saw cut