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Madden Sample Coolers are an economical means of reducing high temperature liquids to safe, usable levels. Corrosion resistant coils will safely convey many alkali and acid solutions at high pressures. Sample liquid enters at the cap top and flows downward through coils of stainless steel or copper tubing. The cooled sample is then collected from the cap spout. The coils have ample transfer area to quickly reduce the temperature of the liquid. On Type 1 models, cooling water enters on the left side of the cap and flows downward through a reverse flow tube. The water passes over the coils and out of the exchanger at the right side of the cap. The Type 1 shell is constructed of 2-1/2" standard pipe. The cap is removable for cleaning. All connections are 1/4" NPTF. The cap material is stainless steel for stainless coils and iron for copper coils. A convenience bracket is included for easy installation. The bracket may be bent, welded, bolted or drilled. Type 2 models feature a double coil, one coil inside the other. The cooling water enters the bottom with a 3/8" NPTF connection, and exits the top. Both "sample in" and "sample out" connections are 1/4" NPTF and are located on top of the unit. Shut-off valves on both the high pressure sample line and cooling water inlet line are not furnished. However, they are necessary for installation. Type 1 Type 2

Item Name: Madden Sample Cooler

Type 1 Madden sample cooler models have all the piping connections for the sample and the cooling water on the threaded cap on the top of the sample cooler. All coils are 1/4" OD tubing, and all piping connections are 1/4" NPT. Cooling water enters on the left and exits opposite on the right. Sample inlet connection is vertical on the top, and the cooled sample exits from the spout.


Type 2 Madden sample coolers offer both 1/4" and 3/8" OD tubing coils. Sample connections are 1/4 NPTF and are made on the top plate. Cooling water connections are 3/8" NPTF located on both top and bottom plates.

Typically, liquid grab samples can be cooled with 1.3 square foot coil surface area models. for continuous cooling of samples for instrument probes, or for steam samples, 2.6 sf or larger coil surface area is recommended.

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Madden Sample Coolers
Part # Model Type Max Tube Pressure Tube Area Coil Material Weight Price  
SC0001 Type 1 300 psi 1.3 Sq. Ft. Copper 15 $855.95 Add to RFQ
SC0002 Type 1 300 psi 2.6 Sq. Ft. Copper 25 $1,163.95 Add to RFQ
SC0003 Type 1 1,200 psi 1.3 Sq. Ft. 316 SS 15 $1,147.95 Add to RFQ
SC0004 Type 1 1,200 psi 2.6 Sq. Ft. 316 SS 25 $1,547.95 Add to RFQ
SC101 Type 2 300 psi 1.3 Sq. Ft. Copper 25 $894.95 Add to RFQ
SC102 Type 2 1,200 psi 1.3 Sq. Ft. 316 SS 25 $1,108.95 Add to RFQ
SC103 Type 2 250 psi 1.9 Sq. Ft. Copper 30 $1,124.95 Add to RFQ
SC105 Type 2 1,200 psi 1.9 Sq. Ft. 316 SS 30 $1,094.95 Add to RFQ
SC106 Type 2 1,200 psi 3.8 Sq. Ft. 316 SS 50 $1,632.95 Add to RFQ
SC107 Type 2 5,000 psi 3.8 Sq. Ft. 316 SS 50 $2,078.95 Add to RFQ
SC108 Type 2 5,000 psi 1.9 Sq. Ft. 316 SS 50 $1,402.95 Add to RFQ