KENCO Safeguard Protected Liquid Level Series In Stock

The Safeguard liquid level gauge replaces unprotected tubular glass that is mounted between tubular gauge glass valves. The packing nut on the tubular valve tightens around the metal nozzles of the Safeguard gauge, not glass! Nozzles match the OD of 5/8" glass or 3/4" glass. Gauge is suitable for low-medium pressure applications to 500 PSIG.


- Low-Medium Pressure Applications up to 500 PSI - If Safeguard is to be used on valves not manufactured by Kenco, please be sure to specify the manufacturer and valve model so the correct Center to Center distance can be calculated.

Product Features:

- Safety: Sight tube is totally enclosed on three sides by a metal frame and on the front with a Polycarbonate shield.- One Piece Assembly: One contiguous gauge provides total visibility of the liquid level of a tank. Maximum length is 25ft. No stacking of gauges is needed. -Economical: One liquid level gauge per tank with a set of Kenco tubular valves gives the full view of the liquid level in the tank.- Easy to Install: Insert the 5/8" or 3/4" metal nozzles into the existing valves (do not have to be Kenco brand valves). The stuffing box seals around the metal nozzle, not the glass.- Volume and Height Shields: The Polycarbonate shield can be supplied with various scales indicating height, calibration rate, or tank volume.


Features: • Replaces unprotected tubular gauge glass.

  • 360° visibility of fluid level.
  • Redline glass is standard for easy viewing of fluid level.
  • The tubular valve packing nut tightens around 316 S.S. nozzles, not glass!
  • Outer tube is high impact UV stabilized polycarbonate tubing.
  •  316 S.S. nozzles available in 5/8” O.D. or 3/4” O.D.
  •  Easy to install - Insert the 5/8” O.D. or 3/4” O.D. nozzles into the valves.
  •  Ideal for use with KENCO Tubular Valves (KTV).
  •  Maximum length is 25 feet. No stacking of gauges is needed. 


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Kenco Safe Guard level Gauge
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