Kenco Liquid Level Measurement Gauges Safeguard Series

Additional Information
Kenco Safeguard Armored Tubular Liquid Level Measurement Gauges create a protective housing around the sight glass tube & allows maximum visibility & efficiency while viewing liquid levels for a variety of applications. Available in all Carbon Steel, all Stainless Steel, or Carbon Steel with Stainless Steel wetted parts. Offered in lengths up to 10 feet.
Kenco EPG Series Environmental Protection Gauge
The Kenco Environmental Protection Gauge (EPG) is easy to install. It installs just like tubular glass and is designed to replace your existing tubular glass. It will eliminate glass breakage and stop costly spills.
Kenco 17000 Bulk Tank Gauge
The 17000 Gauge functions as a level indicator and also serves as a pump setting gauge. The rate scale can be calibrated in a variety of options. The sight tube in the 17000 series is 1".
Kenco 4400 Series Close Mount Level Gauge
The KENCO close-mount level gauge is ideally suited for applications in which the level gauge must be mounted with a minimum of protrusion from the tank. Typical applications include offshore or corrosive atmospheres, packaged hydraulic equipment, steel mill pumps, surge tanks, radiator fluid levels.
Kenco 5700 Bulk Tank Gauge
The Kenco 5700 Series Gauge provides a visual means for checking the contents of a bulk tank and a means for checking the injection rate of a chemical metering pump. The gauge is designed to operate in low to medium pressure applications up to 500 psig.
Kenco 8800 Series Level Gauge
The Kenco 8800 Series Level Gauge features 90° connections for ease of installation. The Gauge is fitted with inline 1/4" FNPT vent and drain connections. Because the vent and drain connections are inline, glass cleaning is easy.
Kenco K9900 Series Level Gauge
The patented Kenco K9900 Series Level Gauge features an innovative casting design which will simplify the installation process and eliminate other typical problems associated with gauge glass.