KENCO EPG Protected Liquid Level Measurement Series In Stock

The Kenco Environmental Protection Measurement Gauge (EPG) is easy to install. It installs just like tubular glass and is designed to replace your existing tubular glass. It will eliminate glass breakage and stop costly spills. The metal end connection of the gauge inserts into the valve stuffing box thus eliminating two common points for glass breakage:

1. Overtightening of the glass packing 

2. Breakage of glass at the packing nuts from impact to the gauge


Product Features:

  • Replaces unprotected tubular gauge glass.
  • 360° visibility of fluid level.
  • Redline glass is standard for easy viewing of fluid level.
  • The tubular valve packing nut tightens around 316 S.S. nozzles, not glass!
  • Outer tube is high impact UV stabilized polycarbonate tubing.
  • 316 S.S. nozzles available in 5/8” O.D. or 3/4” O.D.


​Maximum overall length is 52-3/4”. For longer lengths, use Safeguard Level Gauge.


Easy to install - Insert the 5/8” O.D. or 3/4” O.D. nozzles into the valves.

Ideal for use with KENCO Tubular Valves (KTV).

EPG Series not reccommended for steam use.




Kenco EPG Series
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