KENCO 17000 Bulk Tank Gauge In Stock

17000 Bulk Tank Gauge

The 17000 Gauge functions as a level indicator and also serves as a pump setting gauge. The rate scale can be calibrated in a variety of options, such as GPM, GPH, GPD, LPM, LPH, or LPD. The maximum pump rate for a 12″ gauge section is 25 GPD. The sight tube in the 17000 is 1″ O.D. glass, which makes it ideal for viscous fluids. The top and bottom connection for this gauge is 1″ MNPT.

The One Minute Test:

The injection rate is checked by closing a valve between the gauge and chemical storage tank and observing the change in fluid height in one minute. Using the rate scale on the front of the polycarbonate shield, count the number of marks the fluid level passed in the one minute test period. This will give you the actual chemical pump rate. If the rate is not the one desired, make an adjustment to the chemical pump feed rate and conduct as many one minute tests as is necessary to set the chemical pump rate to the rate desired. If a higher pump rate is required, the test period can be shortened to 30 seconds or 15 seconds.



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