Conbraco Liquid Level Gauges

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Conbraco 21-250 & 21-251 Series Liquid Level Gauges

These gauges are ideal for liquid level verification across different environments. They come with 1/2" NPT male pipe connections and feature aluminum or plastic handwheels, standard EPDM gauge glass gaskets, and automatic ball checks to prevent fluid loss if the glass breaks. They are rated for 125 psig at 350°F and 300 psig at 100°F, making them suitable for a range of temperature and pressure conditions​​​​.

Conbraco 20-200 & 20-250 Series Heavy Pattern Bronze Water Gauges

Designed for higher service ratings, these heavy pattern gauges are made from durable bronze. They also feature automatic ball checks to prevent liquid drainage in case of glass breakage. These gauges are rated at 200 psig at 400°F and 400 psig at 100°F. For installation, you will need a set of upper and lower valves, a piece of tubular gauge glass, and two copper or stainless steel protection rods. The gauges are built to withstand demanding environments and provide reliable performance​​.

Conbraco 20-350 Series Square Pattern Bronze Water Gauges

These standard pattern gauges are available with 1/2" (ASTM B-16 Brass Bar Stock) or 3/4" (B-584 Cast Bronze) NPT male pipe connections. They come with automatic ball checks to help prevent fluid loss if the glass breaks, making them robust and dependable for continuous operation​​.

Conbraco 23-450 Stainless Steel Liquid Level Water Gauges

Ideal for handling alcohol solvents, acetic acid, and ketones, these stainless steel gauges conform to ASME requirements and feature aluminum and composition handwheels. They are rated for 500 psig at 450°F, ensuring they can handle high-pressure and high-temperature applications effectively​