Teflon Gage Glass Washers In Stock


These washers are for tubular sight-glasses on steam boilers and other high pressure aggressive applications. Typically, rubber sight-glass washers only last from only a few months before cracking & leaking but these tough Teflon washers are made to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than the EPDM rubber washers.


Teflon Washers ** Up to 450° ***Price Per Dozen***

Item Name: Teflon Gage Glass Washers
Short description: Teflon Gage Glass Washers
Lead Time: In Stock. Available for immediate shipment.
Item # A B C Weight Price
(Per Dozen)
D-3319-00 5/8" 7/8" 3/8" 1.00 $85.95 Add to Cart
D-3315-00 5/8" 15/16" 7/16" 1.00 $44.95 Add to Cart
D-3316-00 3/4" 0.930 3/8" 1.00 $56.95 Add to Cart
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