McDonnell Miller Series 42 In Stock

Low Water Cut-Off /Pump Controllers For residential, commercial, and industrial low and medium pressure steam boiler with a separate water column. Monel bellows provides corrosion resistance. Single pole, single throw mercury switches. Maximum pressure 50 psi.

Item Name: McDonnell Miller Series 42
Short description: McDonnell Miller Series 42
McDonnell Miller
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Specifications - Replacement Head
Part # Model # Description Weight  
129502 42S-HD McDonnell Miller 42S-HD Replacement Head 9.50 Add to RFQ
Specifications - Complete Unit
Part # Model # Description Weight  
129702 42-S-A McDonnell Miller 42-S-A Combination low water cut-off pump controller 18.75 Add to RFQ
129800 42-N McDonnell Miller 42-N w/ glass connector 25.00 Add to RFQ
Specifications - Replacement Parts
Part # Model # Description Weight  
341300 SA42-125 McDonnell Miller SA42-125 Switch, 2 wire 2.50 Add to RFQ
302600PK CO-12 McDonnell Miller CO-12 Head gasket (6 pack) 3.00 Add to RFQ
328300 MA-159 McDonnell Miller MA-159 Quick hook-up fittings 8.00 Add to RFQ
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