McDonnell Miller Series 157S In Stock


McDonnell Miller Series 157S Low Water Cut-Off

Features and Benefits

  • For commercial and industrial low or high pressure boiler applications
  • For boilers of any steaming capacity
  • Monel bellows provides corrosion resistance
  • Snap action switches for high temperature service
    • 1 Single pole, single throw switch for pump control
    • 1 Single pole, double throw switch for low water
  • Cut-off and alarm actuation

Optional Features

  • Manual reset
  • 2 Single pole, single throw switches
  • 2 Single pole, double throw switches
  • Float block
  • BSPT threads
  • Maximum pressure 150 psi (10.5 kg/cm2)
  • Model 150S-MD Maximum differential operation – Prevents nuisance burner shutdowns in low pressure applications


Item Name: McDonnell Miller Series 157S
Short description: McDonnell Miller Series 157S
McDonnell Miller

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Specifications - Complete Units
Part # Model # Description Weight Price Qty  
173502 157S McDonnell Miller 150S Low water cut-off w/ water column 43.00 $961.95 Add to Cart
173603 157S-MD McDonnell Miller 157S-MD w/ maximum diff. 43.00 $961.95 Add to Cart
173702 157S-A McDonnell Miller 157S-A w/ alternate tapping 43.00
173802 157S-A-M McDonnell Miller 157S-A-M w/ manual reset 43.00 $961.95 Add to Cart
175402 157S-M McDonnell Miller 157S-M w/ manual reset 43.00 $961.95 Add to Cart
175412 157S-M-MD McDonnell Miller 157S-M-MD w/ maximum differential 43.00
176220 157S-R McDonnell Miller 157S-R w/ alternate tapping 45.00 $1,092.00 Add to Cart
177306 157S-R-M McDonnell Miller 157S-R-M w/ manual reset 45.00
176503 157S-RBP-MD McDonnell Miller 157S-RBP-MD w/ 2 integral conductance probes 54.00 $1,789.95 Add to Cart
176902 157S-RL McDonnell Miller 157S-RL w/ alternate tapping 45.00 $1,087.95 Add to Cart
177006 157S-RL-M McDonnell Miller 157S-RL-M w/ manual reset 45.00 $1,087.95 Add to Cart
Specifications - Replacement Heads
Part # Model # Description Weight Price Qty  
173003 150S-HD McDonnell Miller 150S-HD Head Mechanism w/ snap switch 13.00 $680.95 Add to Cart
173203 150S-M-HD McDonnell Miller 150S-M-HD w/ manual reset 13.00 $680.95 Add to Cart
173103 150S-MD-HD McDonnell Miller 150S-MD-HD Maximum Differential 13.00 $680.95 Add to Cart
173302 150S-M-MD-HD McDonnell Miller 150S-M-MD-HD w/ manual reset & Max diff. 13.00
Specifications - Replacement Parts
Part # Model # Description Weight Price Qty  
347900 SA150-106R McDonnell Miller SA150-106R Bellows Assembly 3.00 $201.95 Add to Cart
347600 SA150-11 McDonnell Miller SA150-11 Float and Rod 3.00 $210.95 Add to Cart
325500PK 150-14H McDonnell Miller 150-14H Head gasket
(For raised face head flange, 8 holes), 6 pack
3.00 $42.95 Add to Cart
354106 EA-157-S McDonnell Miller EA-157-S Short electrode for 157-RBP 3.00 $180.95 Add to Cart
354107 EA-157-L McDonnell Miller EA-157-L Long electrode for 157-RBP 3.00 $180.95 Add to Cart
326950 SA150-436 McDonnell Miller SA150-436 Cover 3.00 $65.95 Add to Cart
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