Inverted Bucket & Float and Thermostatic Repair Kits.

Additional Information

Continuing our decades long tradition of producing the highest quality repair kits for all manufacturers’ steam traps at competitive prices, we are proud to expand the F&T Repair Kit line for both current and obsolete models. We are working toward the goal of repairing all F&T traps made by all manufacturers, as we have done with thermostatic traps.

The twenty-first century marks a new era for the world’s oldest and most reliable heat transfer system—steam. The secret to high tech steam is the trap. The better we trap steam, the more energy efficient and powerful our systems become. Today, with closed-loop systems, electronic controls, and 100% calibrated traps, steam has re-emerged as one of the most cost effective and reliable energy transfer systems for institutional, commercial and multi-unit residential applications.

In a properly designed system, nearly all of the energy used to produce the steam can be delivered to a terminal component or heat transfer device and released. A modern steam system, even an upgrade of a hundred year old system, can actually be more efficient and reliable than any other type of heating system.