Spirax / Sarco Float & Thermostatic Kit In Stock

Spirax / Sarco

The Spirax / Sarco FT-15, FT-30, FT-75, FT-125 Steam Traps contains a float valve mechanism which modulates to discharge condensate continuously at steam temperature, while non-condensate gases are released by a separate internal balanced pressure thermostatic air vent. Typical applications for these traps are all process equipment, particularly when controlled by modulating temperature control valves; unit heaters, air heating coils, heat exchangers and steam main drip stations. Available in sizes 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2". The Spirax / Sarco FT-15 are constructed with cast iron body & cover and stainless steel internals. Pressures available in this series are 15 psig, 30 psig, 75 psig, and 125 psig. Buy Now

Item Name: Spirax / Sarco Float & Thermostatic Kit
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Sarco In-Line Traps
Manufacturer Identification (Size) Manufacturer Identification (Model Number) Tunstall Replacement (Tunstall No.) Tunstall Replacement (Face Plate) Price  
3/4" FT-15 TA-1FP-SA-15 Yes $211.15 Add to RFQ
1" FT-15 TA-2FP-SA-15 Yes $211.15 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" FT-15 TA-3FP-SA-15 Yes $313.75 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" FT-15 TA-4RK-SA-15 $436.35 Add to RFQ
2" FT-15 TA-5RK-SA-15 $791.65 Add to RFQ
3/4" FT-30 TA-1FP-SA-30 Yes $219.80 Add to RFQ
1" FT-30 TA-2FP-SA-30 Yes $236.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" FT-30 TA-3FP-SA-30 Yes $358.05 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" FT-30 TA-4RK-SA-30 $661.00 Add to RFQ
2" FT-30 TA-5RK-SA-30 $841.35 Add to RFQ
3/4" FT-75 TA-1FP-SA-75 Yes $288.40 Add to RFQ
1" FT-75 TA-2FP-SA-75 Yes $307.80 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" FT-75 TA-3RK-SA-75 $638.85 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" FT-75 TA-4RK-SA-75 $673.40 Add to RFQ
2" FT-75 TA-5RK-SA-75 $948.25 Add to RFQ
3/4" FT-125 TA-1FP-SA-125 Yes $337.00 Add to RFQ
1" FT-125 TA-2FP-SA-125 Yes $357.50 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" FT-125 TA-3RK-SA-125 $755.50 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" FT-125 TA-4RK-SA-125 $823.50 Add to RFQ
2" FT-125 TA-5RK-SA-125 $1,019.52 Add to RFQ