Armstrong Float & Thermostatic Kits In Stock


Continuing our decades long tradition of producing the highest quality repair kits for all manufacturers’ steam traps at competitive prices, we are proud to expand the F&T Repair Kit line for both current and obsolete models.

We are working toward the goal of repairing all F&T traps made by all manufacturers, as we have done with thermostatic traps.

Armstrong Repair Kits
(Model Number)
Tunstall Replacement
(Tunstall No.)
3/4" 15-B3 TA-1RK-15-B3 $153.90 Add to RFQ
1" 15-B4 TA-2RK-15-B4 $180.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" 15-B5 TA-3RK-15-B5 $219.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" 15-B6 TA-4RK-15-B6 $374.00 Add to RFQ
2" 15-B8 TA-5RK-15-B6 $841.00 Add to RFQ
3/4" 30-A3 TA-1RK-30-A3 $154.00 Add to RFQ
1" 30-A4 TA-2RK-30-A4 $180.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" 30-A5 TA-3RK-30-A5 $219.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" 30-A6 TA-4RK-30-A6 $392.00 Add to RFQ
2" 30-A8 TA-5RK-30-A8 $841.00 Add to RFQ
3/4" 30-B3 TA-1RK-30-B3 $154.00 Add to RFQ
1" 30-B4 TA-2RK-30-B4 $180.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" 30-B5 TA-3RK-30-B5 $219.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" 30-B6 TA-4RK-30-B6 $392.00 Add to RFQ
2" 30-B8 TA-5RK-30-B8 $841.00 Add to RFQ
3/4" 75-A3 TA-1RK-75-A3 $154.00 Add to RFQ
1" 75-A4 TA-2RK-75-A4 $186.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" 75-A5 TA-3RK-75-A5 $202.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/2" 75-A6 TA-4RK-75-A6 $392.00 Add to RFQ
3/4" 125-A3 TA-1RK-125-A3 $212.00 Add to RFQ
1" 125-A4 TA-2RK-125-A4 $237.00 Add to RFQ
1-1/4" 125-A5 TA-3RK-125-A5 $288.00 Add to RFQ
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