Strong Float & Thermostatic Repair Kits In Stock


Strong Float & Thermostatic Repair Kits. Tunstall replacement models available below.

Item Name: Strong Float & Thermostatic Repair Kits
Lead Time: In Stock. Available for immediate shipment.
Strong Repair Kits
Part # Manufacturer
Identification (Size)
Tunstall Replacement
(Tunstall No.)
Tunstall Replacement
(Face Plate)
11T 3/4" TA-1FP-SG-15 Yes $234.40 Add to RFQ
12T 1" TA-2FP-SG-15 Yes $234.40 Add to RFQ
13T 1-1/4" TA-3FP-SG-15 Yes $408.25 Add to RFQ
14T 1-1/2" TA-4FP-SG-15 Yes $555.15 Add to RFQ
15T 2" TA-5FP-SG-15 Yes $1,024.95 Add to RFQ
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