Tunstall Float & Thermostatic Kits In Stock

Item Name: Tunstall Float & Thermostatic Kits

Tunstall Float & Thermostatic Kits with replacement models available below. 


Float and thermostatic traps can handle both light and heavy condensate loads at different pressures and different temperatures. Accumulating condensate is discharged immediately. The thermostatic air vent is equally adept at handling varying volumes of air with the added benefit of closing off at the presence of steam.


Repair of ¾”, 1” and 1-1/4” F&T traps is simple. A face plate assembly with all interior parts connected to it can be easily installed. The larger float and thermostatic traps require a repair kit. 

Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Day
Tunstall Repair & Face Plate Kits
Part # Manufacturer
Identification (Size)
Tunstall Replacement
(Tunstall No.)
Tunstall Replacement
(Face Plate)
TA-FT3-15 3/4" TA-1FP-TA-15 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT4-15 1" TA-2FP-TA-15 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT5-15 1-1/4" TA-3FP-TA-15 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT6-15 1-1/2" TA-4RK-TA-15 Add to RFQ
TA-FT8-15 2" TA-5RK-TA-15 Add to RFQ
TA-FT3-30 3/4" TA-1FP-TA-30 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT4-30 1" TA-2FP-TA-30 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT5-30 1-1/4" TA-3FP-TA-30 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT6-30 1-1/2" TA-4RK-TA-30 Add to RFQ
TA-FT8-30 2" TA-5RK-TA-30 Add to RFQ
TA-FT3-75 3/4" TA-1FP-TA-75 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT4-75 1" TA-2FP-TA-75 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT5-75 1-1/4" TA-3FP-TA-75 Add to RFQ
TA-FT6-75 1-1/2" TA-4RK-TA-75 Add to RFQ
TA-FT8-75 2" TA-5RK-TA-75 Add to RFQ
TA-FT3-125 3/4" TA-1FP-TA-125 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT4-125 1" TA-2FP-TA-125 Yes Add to RFQ
TA-FT5-125 1-1/4" TA-3RK-TA-125 Add to RFQ
TA-FT6-125 1-1/2" TA-4RK-TA-125 Add to RFQ
TA-FT8-125 2" TA-5RK-TA-125 Add to RFQ