Cemline Steam to Liquid Replacement Tube Bundle In Stock

CEMLINE® manufactures a complete line of boiler water, steam, and high temperature hot water heating coils, which are constructed of copper or copper nickel or stainless steel tubing. The tube sheets for these coils are copper lined, and units provided with circulating pumps are designed with a copper wrapper surrounding the coil to provide an efficient means of providing the best heat transfer from the coil to the water to be heated. Recovery systems are quickly and efficiently sized to handle specific load requirements to meet any need. can supply your company with an original OEM and can also offer an aftermarket replacement tube bundle for a Cemline® model that will meet all of the industry specifications such as ASME and TEMA requirements (B, C, & R) as well as our units complying with (Sections I, IV, VIII & Div. 1). Just fill out the easy form below with your name and information from your existing heat exchanger and can get all of the documents necessary to produce the exact same unit that you have now. Other manufacturers we carry are Bell & Gossett, Adamson, Alco, American Standard, A.O.Smith, Armstrong, Graham, Old Dominion, Standard Exchange, Taco, Patterson Kelly, Reco, Thrush & Heat Exchanger USA.

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