Bell & Gosset Tube Bundles

Additional Information
B & G Types "SU" Heat Exchangers are of the shell and tube type. The
tube bundle is of "U" bend construction with tube ends expanded into a
stationary tube sheet. This construction permits ample expansion or
contraction for wide temperature variations. A fluid entering the tubes is
heated by steam condensing in the single pass shell. Tube spacers
properly support and space each tube for maximum efficiency in steam
condensation and drainage.
Standard "SU" Heat Exchangers are construced according to ASME
requirements for pressure and temperatures. complete standard line of U-tubebundles, ranging from 4" diameter through 24" diameter. All of these requirements call for careful selection of strong, thermally-conductive, corrosion-resistant, high quality tube materials, typically metals, including copper alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, non-ferrous copper alloy, Inconel, nickel, Hastelloy and titanium along with Navel Brass.
Most every size of Tube Bundle would qualify for our QUICK SHIP program. offers the Following Expedited build times below.
24 Hr
5 Day
Standard 2 Weeks Shipment
Be Sure to ask your sales person about the QUICK SHIP Program.