Alco Liquid to Liquid Tube Bundles In Stock

How Tube Bundles Work:

Tube bundles are replaceable coils inside the shell of the Heat Exchanger. This is the most common part that fails and most often the U-tubes can be vulnerable to corrosion and failure. The tube bundle coil can be manufactured with many types of materials including copper, CuNi, stainless steel along with naval brass and carbon steel. manufactures an aftermarket replacement tube bundle coil for all A.O. Smith Shell & Tube units, as well as, Storage Tanks that will meet all industry specifications.


Other Manufacturers We Build Are:

Bell & GossettArmstrong, Alco, American StandardCemlineOld DominionTacoPatterson KelleyITT Standard Exchange, RecoThrush Heat Exchanger USA.

Measuring Tube Bundle Coil Still in the Heat Exchanger:

Most of the time we can duplicate your tube bundle based off the model number alone. In some cases where a tag is missing, unreadable etc., we may need some dimensions & pictures of this Shell & Tube unit to determine how many passes it has and the nominal width and length. We recommend using one of our blank drawings located in the Request For Quote for recording exact measurements.

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