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High Sensitivity Liquid Flow For general purpose applications where high sensitivity is required and moderate or low flow rates are encountered such as air conditioning, heating and hydronic systems, water, oil, some vicious liquids and oils in process work. High flow capacity. 1/2" NPT. Switch compartment is completely sealed. Minimum temperature 32°F Maximum temperature 225°F Maximum operating pressure 100 psi NOTE: Do not use liquid flow switches on systems with flow greater than 10 feet per second Values are +- 10%

Item Name: McDonnell Miller Series FS1
Short description: McDonnell Miller Series FS1
McDonnell Miller
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Part # Model # Description Weight  
113200 FS1 McDonnell Miller FS1 High sensitivity flow switch - 1/2" NPT body 5.00 Add to RFQ
113250 FS1-G McDonnell Miller FS1-G with gold plated contacts 5.00 Add to RFQ
113550 FS1-J McDonnell Miller FS1-J w/ BSPT connections 5.50 Add to RFQ
113560 FS1-L McDonnell Miller FS1-L set @ 1.7 gpm 5.00 Add to RFQ
113601 FS1-W McDonnell Miller FS1-W w/ NEMA 4x enclosure 5.50 Add to RFQ
113602 FS1-W-E McDonnell Miller FS1-W-E CE conformance 5.00 Add to RFQ
Flow Rates (Values are +- 10%)
Settings Flow
No Flow
Max. Flow Rate gpm
w/o paddle damage
Factory or minimum 0.41 0.24 9.48 Add to RFQ
Maximum 1.81 1.28 9.48 Add to RFQ
Electrical Ratings
Voltage Motor Switch Rating(Amperes)
120 VDC .5 Amp Full Load
Motor Switch Rating(Amperes)
120 VDC .5 Amp Locked Rotor
Pilot duty  
120 VAC 7.4 44.4 125 VA at 120 or 240 VAC Add to RFQ
240 VAC 3.7 22.2 125 VA at 120 or 240 VAC Add to RFQ
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