McDonnell Miller Series 93 In Stock

Low Water Cut-Off /Pump Controllers For commercial, and industrial, low or high pressure steam boilers. Maintains consistent water level regardless of pressure. No. 5 switch. Magnetic repulsion eliminates need for bellows. 1" NPT connections. Maximum pressure 150 psi. 8 Bolt Hole Pattern

Item Name: McDonnell Miller Series 93
Short description: McDonnell Miller Series 93
McDonnell Miller
Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Day
Specifications - Replacement Heads
Part # Model # Description Weight  
162400 93-HD McDonnell Miller 93-HD Head Mechanism w/ No.5 Switch 17.00 Add to RFQ
162600 93-M-HD McDonnell Miller 93-M-HD w/ manual reset 18.00 Add to RFQ
162402 93-HDLS McDonnell Miller 93-HDLS Head without switch 17.00 Add to RFQ
Specifications - Complete Units
Part # Model # Description Weight  
162300 93 McDonnell Miller 93 Low water cut-off/pump controller w/ No. 5 switch 38.00 Add to RFQ
162500 93-M McDonnell Miller 93-M w/ manual reset 38.00 Add to RFQ
163000 93-7B McDonnell Miller 93-7B w/ No. 7B switch 38.50 Add to RFQ
163100 93-7B-M McDonnell Miller 93-7B-M w/ manual switch 38.50 Add to RFQ
Specifications - Replacement Parts
Part # Model # Description Weight  
325400PK 150-14 McDonnell Miller 150-14 Gasket (6 pack) NO MOUNTING HOLES 3.00 Add to RFQ
345700 SA91-60 McDonnell Miller SA91-60 Float 3.00 Add to RFQ
110300 5 McDonnell Miller #5 Electric switch for 93, 193, 94, 194 6.00 Add to RFQ
110400 5-M McDonnell Miller 5-M switch w/ manual reset 6.00 Add to RFQ
110800 7B McDonnell Miller 7B Electric switch/proportioning control 6.00 Add to RFQ
110900 7B-M McDonnell Miller 7M-M w/ manual reset 6.00 Add to RFQ
Electrical Ratings
Pilot duty  
345 VA at 120 or 240 VAC Add to RFQ
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