McDonnell Miller Series 101-A In Stock

McDonnell Miller Series 101-A Electric Water Feeder 

Features and Benefits

  • For low pressure steam boilers with cold water feed
  • Eliminates necessity to manually add water to the boiler
  • Can be used with mechanical or electronic low water cut-off controls
  • Quick-change replaceable cartridge valve and strainer
  • Manual feed button
  • Model 101-A features a 120 VAC solenoid
  • Model 101-A-24 features a 24 VAC solenoid and a separate 50VA transformer
  • Maximum water supply pressure 150 psi (10.5 kg/cm2)
  • Maximum boiler pressure 25 psi (1.8 kg/cm2)
  • Maximum inlet water temperature 120°F (49°C)
  • Maximum power consumption
    • – 40 VA at 24 VAC
    • – 40 VA at 120 VAC
Item Name: McDonnell Miller Series 101-A
Short description: McDonnell Miller Series 101-A
McDonnell Miller
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Part # Model # Description Weight Price  
169400 101A McDonnell Miller 101A Electric water feeder, 120V 5.00 $485.00 Add to RFQ
169500 101A-24V McDonnell Miller 101A-24V Electric water feeder, 24V 5.00 $620.00 Add to RFQ
Flow Data
Differential psi
Flow Rate
5 1.4 Add to RFQ
10 1.7 Add to RFQ
20 2.1 Add to RFQ
40 2.9 Add to RFQ
60 3.4 Add to RFQ
80 4 Add to RFQ
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