Lunkenheimer Y Slow-Opening Blowdown Valves In Stock

Item#: Fig. 180
Item Name: Lunkenheimer Fig. 180

Lunkenheimer Fig. 180 ''Y" Blow-off valves conform to the ASME Boiler Code and are suitable for boiler service up to 80% of valve working steam pressure. Also provide approximate flow and drainage of a gate valve and may be used as such on other ser­vices. Also for throttling and fine regulation. Bodies and bonnets ASTM B61 type-S-1 steam bronze. Seat opening permits almost unrestricted flow. Cylindrical guides insure proper disc seating.

Union Bonnet: Assures strong, pressure-tight connections, facil­itates cleaning and inspection.
Discs and seat rings: Regrindable, renewable. NT4 nickel alloy.
Back seats: Repackable when disc is wide open under pressure.

Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Day
Part # Size Description Weight Price Qty  
Fig#180-1.50 1-1/2" Lunkenheimer Fig # 180; 1-1/2" Y Blowdown Valve 300# 13.00 $894.20 Add to Cart
Fig#180-2 2" Lunkenheimer Fig # 180; 2" Y Blowdown Valve 300# 16.00 $1,296.00 Add to Cart
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