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A defective valve may be replaced or a new ball valve may be installed on Hot or Cold Water, including hot or chilled H2O Glycol systems, under pressure, from 0 to 250 PSI/17 bar Max. on L, K, or Metric copper tubing, without shutting off the water, in 30 minutes or less!


Important Notice: On Sizes 1-1/4" - 2" on Multi-Story Buildings, the pumps must be shut off prior to the Add-A-Valve package installation. Note: Add-A-Valve package includes S-100 DUE of comparable size (1/2"-2"), along with one 1/4 pint of JomarSeal Tighter-Than-Tite Pipe Joint/Gasket Thread sealant with alternate Teflon seal and two air test end caps with Schrader valves mounted. Jomar highly recommends reading the installation instructions available with each valve and available by clicking the link to the left of this page. The installer is responsible for any liability resulting from improper installation of any Add-A-Valve device. Jomar will not be held responsible, nor will it exchange or provide a refund for any improperly installed Add-A-Valve device.



Item Name: Jomar Add-A-Valve for Copper Tubbing
Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Day
Part # Size  
800-103ADD 1/2" Add to RFQ
800-103ADDG 1/2" Add to RFQ
800-104ADD 3/4" Add to RFQ
800-104ADDG 3/4" Add to RFQ
800-105ADD 1" Add to RFQ
800-105ADDG 1" Add to RFQ
800-106ADD 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
800-106ADDG 1-1/4" Add to RFQ
800-107ADD 1-1/2" Add to RFQ
800-107ADDG 1-1/2" Add to RFQ
800-108ADD 2" Add to RFQ
800-108ADDG 2" Add to RFQ
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