Replacement Tube Bundles For All OEM Heat Exchangers In Stock


Tube Bundle Capabilities Include,
But Are Not Limited To:

  • 4" nominal to 60" nominal
  • U-Tube, or Straight Tube (Fixed Tubesheet or Floating Tubesheet)
  • Enhanced Tube, Low-Fin, Lo-Fin, Intergral Tube Bundles (U-Tube or Straight Tube)
  • Tank Heater Tube Bundles
  • Fuel Oil Heater Tube Bundles
  • Double Wall Vented Tube Bundles
  • Standard & Specialty Alloys 
  • Heads & Bonnets
  • Tank Collars & Nozzles
  • A.S.M.E. Stamping Available

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Just fill out the easy form below with your name and information from your existing heat exchanger and can get all of the documents necessary to produce the exact same unit that you have now. Other manufacturers we carry are 

Bell & Gossett, Armstrong, Alco, American Standard, A.O. Smith, Cemline, Graham, Old Dominion, Standard Exchange, Taco, Patterson Kelley, Reco, Thrush & Heat Exchanger USA.

 All of these requirements call for careful selection of strong, thermally-conductive, corrosion-resistant, high quality tube materials, typically metals, including copper alloy, stainless steel, carbon steel, non-ferrous copper alloy, Inconel, nickel, Hastelloy and titanium along with Navel Brass.
Most every size of Tube Bundle would qualify for our QUICK SHIP program. offers the Following Expedited build times below.
24 Hr
5 Day
Standard 2 Weeks Shipment 
Be Sure to ask your sales person about the QUICK SHIP Program.

Item Name: U-Tube Bundles
Lead Time: 24 Hr 48hr. 5 Day Standard 2 Weeks Shipment Be Sure to ask your sales person about the QUICK SHIP Program.

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