Hancock Type 5525/5535 Flow Control Continuous Blowdown Valves In Stock


Flow control valves combination valve and flow control instrument with special micrometer and pointer to set valve within 1/100 of a handwheel turn.

  • Features: Available in class 800 ANSI pressure classes, threaded (FNPT), and socket weld
  • Micrometer dial indicator is standard equipment to ensure accurate repeatable control settings
  • Valves are available with quadruple V-Port discs to ensure optimum controllability and flow
  • All internal surfaces are accurately machined to provide maximum performance
  • Renewable seat rings made from hardened stainless steel and faced with Stellite
  • The disc is hardened, ground and lapped for accurate, leak free sealing
  • Standard material is carbon steel body (ASME SA105) with 13% chrome stainless steel trim
  • GRAFOIL packing is standard
  • Code compliance with ASME/ANSI B16.34 and the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section I

 General Applications: - Boilers, compressors, steam condensers, pumps, steam lines, feed water regulator bypass vents, liquid level control piping, flash tanks, soot blower connections, turbine generators, Dowtherm, instrumentation, gauge shut-off. 


Short description: Hancock Blowdown Valve
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