Clark Reliance BG402S, BG403S, BG404S Bronze Valves In Stock

Clark Reliance

Clark Reliance Bronze Water Gage Valve Set is designed and manufactured for demanding applications. Designated as high-grade valves, all models feature valve bodies & packing nuts of ASME Code Bronze. Additional design features include an 18-position gage lever, integral seats & choice of screwed or flanged connections. Valve control is speeded by quadruple stem threads that allow full open/closed with only one-quarter turn.


Specification Data

Chains & handles that indicate open/closed positions are provide, as required by the ASME BOILER CODE. Lower valves employ a 3/8" pipe tap for blowdown. A complete valve set included upper & lower valve, pyrex tubular glass & guard rods (if mounting centers are specified) & two 5ft. chain lengths. Valve model numbers are stamped on the top of upper valve. 


NOTE: Power Plus does not recommend tubular glass for use above 250 WSP

Item#: 402S, 403S, 404S
Item Name: Clark Reliance Bronze Water Gage Valve Set
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Model Description Connection Max Pressure Net Weight Per Set Price  
BG 402S 1/2" NPT 250 PSI 8 lbs $843.50 Add to RFQ
BG 403S 3/4" NPT 250 PSI 8 lbs $843.50 Add to RFQ
BG 404S 3/4" NPT 450 PSI 8 lbs $1,265.00 Add to RFQ
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