Clark Reliance Boiler Trim Water Column Parts

Additional Information

Clark Reliance offers a variety of boiler trim and water column parts, designed to meet the high standards required for industrial applications. Available on, these parts are essential for maintaining and enhancing boiler system performance.

Key Products:

  1. Bronze Water Gage Valve Sets:

    • BG402S, BG403S, BG404S Series: These valve sets come with chains and handles that indicate open/closed positions, as required by the ASME Boiler Code. The lower valves include a 3/8" pipe tap for blowdown. Each set includes upper and lower valves, Pyrex tubular glass, guard rods (if mounting centers are specified), and two 5ft. chain lengths. These valves are suitable for pressures up to 250 PSI for BG402S and BG403S, and up to 450 PSI for BG404S​​​​.
  2. Steel Valve Sets:

    • SG854 and SG855: These forged steel valve sets are designed for high-pressure applications up to 1500 PSI at 600°F. They include upper and lower ball checks, chains for operation, and are manufactured to ASTM A105 specifications with Type 303 stainless steel stems and Grafoil packing cartridges​​​​.
  3. Water Column Floats and Parts:

    • RF3S, RF5M, RF7M Floats: These floats are designed for steel and cast iron water columns and level alarms, providing reliable operation and maintenance of water levels within the boiler system​​​​.
    • Cover Gaskets and Alarm Whistles: Essential for sealing and alerting, these components ensure the integrity and safety of the water column parts​​.
  4. Try Gage Cocks:

    • GC302, GC310, GC311, GC450 Series: These gage cocks are designed to provide reliable and durable operation under various pressure conditions. They feature multiple-thread stem designs for quick response and integral stops to prevent dead-center vertical positions​​.

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable Construction: High-quality materials ensure longevity and reliable performance under extreme conditions.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Designed for easy maintenance, reducing downtime and operational costs.
  • Compliance with Standards: Manufactured to meet ASME Boiler Code requirements and other relevant standards, ensuring safety and reliability.