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Item Name: Watson McDaniel Series FTE
Watson McDaniel

The Watson McDaniel FTE & FTES Series Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps are used in HVAC and on industrial process equipment with very high load requirements. These high capacity steam traps are typically used on reboilers, absorption chillers, large air handling coils, large heat exchangers, and other large process equipment. Applications Series FTE Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps provide immediate and continuous discharge of large amounts of condensate and non-condensable gases. These traps meet capacity drainage needs required on such services Services Absorption Systems | Air Handling Coils | Heat Exchangers | Dryers | Evaporators | Hot Water Generators | Rendering Machines | Steam Process Equipment Operating Conditions Max Operating Pressure (PMO) FTE-20 - 20 PSI FTE-50 - 50 PSI FTE-125 - 125 PSI FTE-200 - 200 PSI Design Pressure / Temperature Rating All Models Max Temperature (TMA) 650°F to 250 PSI Max Pressure (PMA) 250 PSI to 650°F Sight Glass for 2" FTE-50 and all 2-1/2" FTE Traps Armored Sight Glass for 2" FTE-50 and all 2-1/2" FTE Traps

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Watson McDaniel FTE series
Part # Connection Max Oper. Press Weight  
FTE-20-17-N 2" NPT 20 54 Add to RFQ
FTE-50-17-N 2" NPT 50 146 Add to RFQ
FTE-50-18-N 2-1/2" NPT 50 140 Add to RFQ
FTE-125-18-N 2-1/2" NPT 125 146 Add to RFQ
FTE-200-16-N 1-1/2" NPT 200 35 Add to RFQ
FTE-200-17-N 2" NPT 200 65 Add to RFQ
FTE-200-18-N 2-1/2" NPT 200 146 Add to RFQ
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