Taco KS Vertical Split-Coupled In-line Pump In Stock

The Taco pump Series KS is a vertical split-coupled in-line pump that are designed for maximum performance, easy install, and simple maintenance. you can change the seal without disturbing the motor or piping. These pumps are ideal for HVAC and industrial applications, as well as domestic water service flows to 2500 GPM. The axial load is hydraulically balanced to increase bearing life, deliver better pump efficiencies, and lower NPSH requirements.



  • Simplified installation = Lower Installed Cost
  • Standard Seal Design Allows Flexibility of Seal Options, Precision Aluminum Coupling
  • Standard High Efficiency Impellers on all Models, Standard Drilled, Tapped Mounting Holes at Base of Casing
  • Throttle Bushing Keeps Contaminants Away from Seal
  • Extended Seal Life, Less Downtime
  • One Cartridge bearing assembly fits all models - replace cartridge only, not bracket, One mechanical seal fits all models.


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