Reco Steam to Liquid Heat Exchanger In Stock can supply your company with a replacement Tank or Heat Exchanger for an Reco model that will meet all of the industry specifications such as ASME and TEMA requirements (B, C, & R) as well as our units complying with (Sections I, IV, VIII & Div. 1). Just fill out the easy form below with your name and information from your existing heat exchanger.



Shell Fabricated Carbon Steel with Stainless options Tubes Sheets Fabricated Carbon Steel with Stainless, 90/10 CuNi and Brass options Tubes Copper with option for Stainless Steel, 90/10 or 70/30 CuNi Bonnets Cast Iron with Cast Stainless Steel 316 and Cast Bronze options Feet & Bolting Carbon Steel can get all of the documents necessary to produce the exact same unit that you have now. Other manufacturers we carry are Bell & Gossett, Armstrong, Adamson, Alco, American Standard, A.O. Smith, Cemline, Graham, Old Dominion, Standard Exchange, Taco, Patterson Kelley, Thrush & Heat Exchanger USA.


If you know your application parameters such as inlet water temperature, desired outlet water temperature, gallons per minute to heat, and steam PSI (or heating water temperature if using a water to water exchanger), we can size a replacement unit based off that information.  If you wish to have an OEM replacement, please provide the serial number and model number and specify the unit MUST be OEM. *NOTE: The products described herein are not manufactured by Reco Company nor is Power Plus International in any way associated or affiliated with Reco Company.


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