Watson McDaniel TS25B & TS125 Steam Trap In Stock

Item Name: Watson McDaniel Series TS25B & TS125
Watson McDaniel

The TS25B & TS125 Series Radiator Traps with Straight-thru (in-line) Connection are Thermostatic Steam Traps that were specifically designed for removing condensate and air from 2-pipe steam heating systems. The bodies are made from a high-quality brass forging and can be fully repaired while the product remains in-line by removing the cap and easily replacing the seat and thermal element. They are available in 1/2" & 3/4" NPT connections. These traps are available in two pressure ranges: 25 & 125 PSIG.

Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Day
Part # Connection Max Oper. Press. PSI Weight  
TS25B-12-N 1/2" NPT 25 1 Add to RFQ
TS125-12-N 1/2" NPT 125 1 Add to RFQ
TS25B-13-N 3/4" NPT 25 1 Add to RFQ
TS125-13-N 3/4" NPT 125 1 Add to RFQ
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