Old Dominion Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchanger In Stock

Old Dominion Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers went out of business years ago and can supply you with a replacement unit with our many years of drawings we have available as well as access to all National Board numbers to get all info needed for the unit. can supply your company with a replacement Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger for an Old Dominion model that will meet all of the industry specifications such as ASME and TEMA requirements (B, C, & R) as well as our units complying with (Sections I, IV, VIII & Div. 1). 


Standard Copper (tubes), carbon steel (shell, tube sheet, baffles) Optional Brass (tubes, tube sheets, baffles), bronze (heads), stainless steel (tubes, tube sheets, heads, shells, baffles), 90/10 Cu-Ni (tubes) can get all of the documents necessary to produce the exact same unit that you have now.

Just Click the Request For Quote Buttom below and fill out information such as model number & National board number and we can get you a replacement quote sent right over.