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McDonnell Miller Series 94 Low Water Cut-Off /Pump Controllers For commercial, and industrial, low or high pressure steam boilers. Maintains consistent water level regardless of pressure. No. 5 switch. Magnetic repulsion eliminates need for bellows. 1 1/4" NPT connections Maximum pressure 250 psi. 10 Bolt Hole Pattern.

Also available in Combination Low Water Cut Off and Pump Controller with Potentiometer Switch for Steam Boilers with 7B Switch 250 PSI Max Pressure Head Mechanism Only

Item Name: McDonnell Miller Series 94
Short description: McDonnell Miller Series 94
McDonnell Miller
Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Day
Specifications - Replacement Heads
Part # Model # Description Weight  
165300 94-HD McDonnell Miller 94-HD Head Mechanism w/ No.5 Switch 22.00 Add to RFQ
166400 94-7B-HD McDonnell Miller 94-7B-HD Head Mechanism w/ 7B Switch 22.00 Add to RFQ
166000 94-M-HD McDonnell Miller 94-M-HD w/ manual reset 23.00 Add to RFQ
165302 94-HDLS McDonnell Miller 94-HDLS Head without switch 17.00 Add to RFQ
Specifications - Complete Units
Part # Model # Description Weight  
165200 94 McDonnell Miller 94 Combination low water cut-off/pump control/No.5 switch 55.00 Add to RFQ
165500 94-A McDonnell Miller 94-A w/ alternate tappings 53.00 Add to RFQ
165800 94-AM McDonnell Miller 94-AM w/ manual reset 53.00 Add to RFQ
165900 94-M McDonnell Miller 94-M w/ manual reset 55.00 Add to RFQ
166300 94-7B McDonnell Miller 94 w/ No. 7B switch 55.00 Add to RFQ
Specifications - Replacement Parts
Part # Model # Description Weight Price Qty  
323300PK 92-68 McDonnell Miller 92-68 Gasket (6 pack) 3.00 $53.95 Add to Cart Add to RFQ
345700 SA91-60 McDonnell Miller SA91-60 Float 3.00 Add to RFQ
110300 5 McDonnell Miller 5 Electric switch 6.00 Add to RFQ
110400 5-M McDonnell Miller No. 5 switch w/ manual reset 6.00 Add to RFQ
110800 7B McDonnell Miller 7B Electric switch/proportioning control 6.00 Add to RFQ
110900 7B-M McDonnell Miller No. 7B w/ manual reset 6.00 Add to RFQ
Electrical Ratings
Pilot duty
345 VA at 120 or 240 VAC
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