McDonnell Miller Series 25-A In Stock

Make-Up Water Feeder For boiler receiver tanks. Float operated. Proportional feed action. Soft seal provides positive seal. Seal between float chamber and valve chamber is not a positive seal. Maximum water supply pressure 100 psi. Maximum pressure 35 psi.

Item Name: McDonnell Miller Series 25-A
Short description: McDonnell Miller Series 25-A
McDonnell Miller
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Part # Model # Description Weight  
126800 25-A McDonnell Miller 25-A Make-up water feeder 40.25 Add to RFQ
127100 25A-HD McDonnell Miller 25A-HD Complete Head Mechanism 22.75 Add to RFQ
Specifications - Replacement Parts
Part # Model # Description Weight  
304100PK F-26 McDonnell Miller F-26 Head Gasket (6 Pack) 3.00 Add to RFQ
339900 SA25A-6 McDonnell Miller SA25A-6 Valve Assembly (25A, 25) 5.00 Add to RFQ
339700 SA21-38R McDonnell Miller SA21-38R Strainer Basket Assembly (25A, 25) 3.00 Add to RFQ
342300 SA51-9R McDonnell Miller SA51-9R Strainer Assembly (25A, 25) 5.00 Add to RFQ
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