Kenco Liquid Level Measurement Gauges Safeguard Series

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Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Safety and Durability: These gauges replace unprotected tubular glass and are designed to eliminate common breakage points, thus preventing costly spills and enhancing safety. The outer tube is made of high-impact UV stabilized polycarbonate, providing 360° visibility of the fluid level​​​​.

  2. Wide Application Range: Suitable for low to medium pressure applications up to 500 PSIG. Ideal for use in oil or fuel storage tanks, cooling tower water tanks, and boiler feedwater tanks​​​​.

  3. Easy Installation: The gauges are designed to be easily installed by inserting 5/8” or 3/4” O.D. nozzles into the valves. This simplifies the replacement of existing tubular gauge glass and minimizes downtime​​​​.

Popular Models:

  1. KENCO Safeguard Protected Liquid Level Series:

    • Kenco Safeguard Level Gauge: One continuous gauge provides total visibility of the liquid level of a tank, with a maximum length of 25 feet without the need for stacking gauges​​.
  2. KENCO EPG Protected Liquid Level Measurement Series:

    • EPG Series: Designed to replace traditional tubular glass, this series features redline glass for easy fluid level viewing and is protected by high-impact polycarbonate tubing​​.
  3. KENCO 8800 Protected Liquid Level Series:

    • 8800 Series: Features 90° connections for ease of installation and inline vent and drain connections for easy cleaning. The gauge is enclosed on three sides with a metal frame and a polycarbonate shield, providing additional protection and custom calibration options​​.