Bigelow Boiler Handhole Plate Assemblies In Stock

Item Name: Bigelow Handhole Assemblies
Bigelow Boiler

Over the past century, Bigelow Boilers have used a wide variety of handhole plates. Below are some common plates we have come across. We strongly recommend a detailed inspection of the handhole plate being replaced and the application to compare with the stock we offer.

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Bigelow Handhole Assemblies (Less Ring)
Part # Size Type & Style Curved Radius
PHHOS4013C 3-3/8 X 4-3/8 Obround / Curved 45R 5.00 Add to RFQ
PHH109WC 3 X 4 Elliptical / Curved 9R 5.00 Add to RFQ
PHH136OB350C 3 X 4 Obround / Curved 36R 5.00 Add to RFQ
PHH124WC 3 X 4 Elliptical / Curved 24R 5.00 Add to RFQ
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