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Blast Gate Observation Ports Flanged

These observation ports are for low-pressure applications only. The Blast Gate Observation Ports use the standard line of blast gates as the primary components and incorporates a glass lens, gaskets and rings that are securely retained with a metal bushing. The stainless steel slide arrangement in the blast gate gives added protection and life to the lens during operations and allows maintenance to be performed with added safety during vessel down-time. Additional cooling can be obtained by adding a purge connection on the glass or vessel side of the blast gate housing. Three choices of glass are available for varying temperature exposures and viewing requirements. Temperature ratings apply only for the operating conditions of the glass. Ratings for housings vary on type of steel.


Available in Pyrex or Quartz (Blue Vycor available upon request)



Item Name: Flanged Blast Gate Observation Port

Quartz Clear - Designated by a "Q" in the model number. Maximum intermittent operating temperature is 2048°F. Maximum continuous operating temperature is 1600°F (Glass Only)*.
Pyrex Clear - (borosilicate glass) Designated by a "P" in the model number. Maximum intermittent operating temperature is 554°F. Maximum continuous operating temperature is 446°F (Glass Only)* . Glass is heat strengthened for safety and is coated with a heat reflecting shield.

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Flanged Blast Gate Observation Port Diagram
Part # Pipe
A B C D E F G Bolt
Pyrex Glass"P"
Quartz Glass "Q"
4FBGOP 4" 3-9/16" Dia. 15-1/4" 4-1/4" 4-9/16" 5-5/16" 5-3/4" 9" 4-1/4" 5/8" 8 on 7-1/2" 28 5 Add to RFQ
6FBGOP 6" 5-9/16" Dia. 23" 4-3/4" 5-1/16" 5-13/16" 9" 11" 6-1/4" 3/4" 8 on 9-1/2" 59 5 Add to RFQ
8FBGOP 8" 7-9/16" Dia. 28-1/2" 5-1/8" 5-7/16" 6-3/16" 11" 13-1/2" 8-1/4" 3/4" 8 on 11-3/4" 87 5 Add to RFQ
10FBGOP 10" 9-1/2" Dia. 31-3/4" 5-3/8" 5-11/16" 6-7/16" 13-1/2" 16" 10-3/8" 7/8" 12 on 14-1/4" 136 N/A Add to RFQ
12FBGOP 12" 11-1/2" Dia. 37-1/4" 6-3/8" 6-11/16" 7-7/16" 16" 19" 12-5/8" 7/8" 12 on 17" 190 N/A Add to RFQ
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