Armstrong 814-816 Series Inverted Bucket Trap In Stock

Item Name: Armstrong Series 814-816

Armstrong inverted bucket steam traps only have two moving parts - the valve lever assembly and the bucket. That means no fixed points, no complicated linkages. Nothing to stick, bind or clog. Armstrong inverted bucket steam traps open and close based on the difference in density between condensate and steam-the inverted bucket principle. They open and close gently, minimizing wear. This simple fact means that inverted buckets are subject to less wear than some other types of traps. In fact, as an Armstrong inverted bucket trap wears, its tight seal actually improves. The ball valve and seat of the Armstrong steam trap provide essentially line contact resulting in a tight seal because the entire closing force is concentrated on one narrow seating ring. An Armstrong inverted bucket trap continues to operate efficiently with use. Gradual wear slightly increases the diameter of the ball valve. But the more it wears, the tighter the seal. The ball valve seats itself deeper as wear increases, preserving a tight seal.


814-816 Series Inverted Bucket Steam Trap Cast iron for horizontal installation For pressures to 250 psig (17 bar) Capacities to 20,000 lb/hr (9072 kg/hr) The Armstrong Series 814-816 provides efficient condensate drainage of virtually all types of steam-using equipment. Put the inverted bucket to work in a tough cast iron package, and you have the best of both worlds. Because the Series 814-816 operates more efficiently for longer periods of time, Armstrong cast iron inverted buckets add solid energy savings to lower replacement/labor costs. 

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Armstrong Series 814-816
Part # Pipe
Wt, lbs. Operating
814 1" 22 Add to RFQ
814-1 1 1/4" 22 Add to RFQ
815 1-1/2" 32 Add to RFQ
815-1 2" 32 Add to RFQ
816 2" 58 Add to RFQ
816-1 2-1/2" 58 Add to RFQ
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