Watson McDaniel TD900 Steam Trap In Stock

The Watson McDaniel TD900S/TD900LS Thermodynamic Steam Trap is primarily used as a drip trap on high pressure steam mains and steam supply lines. Ideal for outdoor applications that are subject to freezing and for superheated steam conditions.


Note: The Watson McDaniel TD900LS is a low-capacity version of the standard TD900S model and recommended for working pressures of 120 PSIG and above.


Applications: The TD900 Disc Trap is designed to automatically remove condensate at a temperature that is very close to that of the steam. Freeze-proof installations can be easily achieved because of the self draining feature that is accomplished by installing the unit in a vertical orientation.

Item Name: Watson McDaniel Series TD900
Watson McDaniel

TD600 model steam traps are most commonly used in drip applications, such as draining condensate from steam mains and steam supply lines.They can also be used for steam tracing applications.These traps are suitable for outdoor applications that are subject to freezing as well as superheated steam conditions. They are compact and rugged with only a single moving part.


If a trap with an integral strainer is desired, the TD600S is recommended. If a fully in-line repairable design is required, the TD700S or the UTD450 with Universal Quick-Change connector is recommended. Thermodynamic traps will only discharge small amounts of air and therefore typically not recommended on process application.

The TD600 is available in NPT threaded connections from 3/8" thru 1". The TD600 is Non-Repairable and is NOT available with a strainer. All models of the TD600 will operate on pressures up to 600 PSIG however the TD600L (designation L) is recommended on system pressures over 150 PSIG because of increased efficiency and performance.

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Maximum operating pressure of 900 PSI, Low carbon Chrome-Moly body
Part # Size Connection Weight Cross Ref
(Spirax Sarco)
TD900-12NPT 1/2" NPT 4.5 TD62 Add to RFQ
TD900-12SW 1/2" SW 4.5 TD62 Add to RFQ
TD900-12F600 1/2" 600# Flg 9 TD62 Add to RFQ
TD900-13NPT 3/4" NPT 4.5 TD62 Add to RFQ
TD900-13SW 3/4" SW 4.5 TD62 Add to RFQ
TD900-13F600 3/4" 600# Flg 11 TD62 Add to RFQ
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