Kenco Sight Flow Indicators

Additional Information

Kenco Engineering Company offers a wide range of sight flow indicators, including Standard KSF (cast body), Full-view, and Armored models, as well as a variety of sight windows. Each product is hydrostatically tested to ensure reliability in harsh operating conditions. Kenco sight flow indicators provide a clear view into piping systems, allowing for cost-effective and efficient visual monitoring of fluid flow.


These simple and inexpensive devices enable operators to observe flow rate, direction, color, and clarity. They can be installed at critical points along fluid lines where changes, interruptions, or contamination are likely, or in groups for simultaneous monitoring of multiple lines.



  • Monitoring fluid flow through filters, cooling, and intake/outlet pumping lines.
  • Serving as backups for meters, switches, and other control devices.

Industries Served:

  • Chemical/Petrochemical: Filter line monitoring, distilling operations, dye/ink color consistency, paint/varnish consistency, chemical conversion processes, general refinery piping.
  • Petroleum: Drilling pump operations, oil/water separation, loading terminals.
  • OEM: Compressor water flow, solvent recirculation, pre- and post-filter trap monitoring.

KSF Cast Body Sight Flow Indicators: Kenco offers a wide variety of Standard KSF (cast body) sight flow indicators, available in a complete range of sizes and styles to meet diverse application needs. Selecting the appropriate style for your specific application is crucial for optimal performance.