Armstrong Steam Trap Capsules In Stock


The Cage Unit compromises all working parts of a thermostatic steam trap including the seat. All parts are calibrated together under actual steam conditions at our factory and are locked into the precisely correct working relationship within a stainless steel housing. This is a one piece, stand alone, fully removable and testable “trap within a trap”. There are no loose parts to contend with; gone is the potential of overtightening, undertightening, crossthreading or misaligning assorted pieces of a “repair kit”.

Manufacturer Identification (Size) Manufacturer Identification (Model No.) Tunstall Replacement (Tunstall Capsule) Tunstall Replacement (Type) Tunstall Replacement (Class) Price  
1/2", 3/4" TS-2 TCAR-3001 Thread 3 $72.90 Add to RFQ
1/2" TS-3 TCAR-3002 Thread 2 $58.50 Add to RFQ
All B Series F & T TCAR-3003 Thread 3 $72.90 Add to RFQ
2" 75A-4 & K50 F &T TCAR-3004 Thread 3 $72.90 Add to RFQ
All A Series F & T TCAR-3005 Thread 3 $72.90 Add to RFQ
1" TS-2 TCAR-3006 Thread 2 $58.50 Add to RFQ
3/4" TS-3 TCAR-3007 Thread 2 $58.50 Add to RFQ
1" #8 TCAR-3008 Thread 3 $72.90 Add to RFQ
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