Quanta-Flame Primary Controls In Stock

Quanta-Flame 5004-890: Modern Upgrade for Honeywell RA890 Series

The Quanta-Flame 5004-890 is a direct, advanced replacement for the Honeywell RA890 series, offering:



  • Compatibility: Fits existing Honeywell sub-bases, flame rods, and UV scanners.
  • Upgrades: LED display and microprocessor control.
  • Cost-Effective: Affordable high-tech solution.



  • Easy Installation: No rewiring or special scanners needed.
  • Flexible Options: Multiple ignition trials, pilot modes, and flame systems.
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting: Plug-in diagnostic display and seven LED indicators.


The Quanta-Flame 5004-890 delivers advanced technology and affordability, making it the ideal choice for technicians.

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