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The Yarway 3482-R and 3484-R seatless blow-off valve is a sliding plunger type, opened and closed by means for a handwheel and non-rising stem, and sealed against leakage by packing rings above and below the ports. This valve is provided with heavy coil compression springs under the yoke nuts. Designed to prevent leaking when the valve is open, yoke nuts are screwed down evenly and tightly placing compression on the springs and the packing rings. Ample flow are is provided in hollow plunger; absence of projections or pockets prevents accumulation of scale and sediment that can impede flow and shorten the life of the valve. Annular space in the body permits pressure to surround the plunger, making the valve a fully balanced unit easy to operate at high pressures. For complete protection of the packing, the valve has a long-stroke plunger so that packing is never exposed to the mainstream flow. The gland and plunger have double inlet ports to balance flow pressures.