Archon Transparent & Reflex Flat Glass Liquid Level Gauges

Additional Information
The ARCHON liquid level gauges model pressure gauges are available in Single and Multiple Section type sizes 4 through 9 with a one piece liquid chamber, machined from solid bar stock of cold rolled carbon steel, stress relieved and assembled complete with drop forged steel covers, tempered borosilicate glasses, resistant to thermal shock, heat, corrosion and abrasion; gaskets; bolts and nuts. The liquid chamber is recessed for each individual glass and the gasket fits into this recess snugly, so it cannot be forced out in any direction by internal pressure.

The gaskets used are of the finest quality, uniform in thickness and accurately die cut. The standard gasket material is compressed non-asbestos, but can be furnished in other materials most suitable for the liquid involved. These gauges can also be furnished in other special metals such as Stainless Steel, Monel, etc.