Kunkle Model 299 Drip Pan Elbow In Stock


Kunkle Safety Valve Applications
Recommended installation on outlet/discharge pipe for safety valves. Used on steam service.

Important – Length of discharge piping must be kept to a minimum.


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Item Name: Kunkle Model 299 Drip Pan Elbow

Safety Valve Features

  • The  illustration shows a discharge elbow and drip pan unity attached to a safety valve with female NPT outlet
  •  For safety valves with flanged outlets – 2-inch to 4-inch – use companion flange, short nipple and drip pan elbow, all same size as valve outlet.
  • 6- and 8-inch elbows have integral 125# ANSI B16.1 Flange.
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0299-J 2-1/2" 17.00 $161.00 Add to Cart
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