Reco Heat Hot Water Storage Exchangers

Thermomaster water heating systems provide high recovery, tight temperature control and
dependability. Forced circulation provides controlled, accurate hot water for high peak loads.
By combining high recovery capacities with storage, the system makes effective use of the
available energy source. The design also minimizes spatial requirements normally needed by
conventional storage type heaters. Units are engineered for long dependable service and use
steam, boiler water or HTHW as the heating medium.
l Thermomaster is capable of meeting all the demands of facilities with large
hot water needs, including hotels, apartment buildings, military buildings, and hospitals.
Thermomasters are typically found in facilities with a central energy source. This energy
source is typically piped directly to the unit in the mechanical room or is transported to
various sub mechanical rooms furnishing hot water to a specific building or application. Units
may be piped in parallel to provide additional capacity or emergency back up.