Observation Ports & Peep Sites

Additional Information

Observation ports and peep sights provide a window to visually inspect the interior of equipment and storage containers, enhancing safety and efficiency by facilitating on-site inspections. These ports are suitable for environments where direct inspection is dangerous or impractical. With a variety of sizes available, Gage Glass offers options to fit a wide range of equipment, containers, and environments.



  • Versatile Applications: Observation ports can be applied to nearly any setting, including hazardous material holding tanks, furnaces, boiler rooms, and water tanks.
  • Durable Construction: Made with tough, durable glass housed in a carbon steel frame, with options for stainless steel or other metals.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Available with borosilicate (Pyrex) or clear quartz glass, capable of withstanding high temperatures and pressures. Quartz glass can handle continuous temperatures up to 1600°F, while borosilicate glass is suitable for continuous temperatures up to 446°F.
  • Safety and Reliability: Designed for safe observation with a tight seal and sturdy construction, allowing viewers to safely inspect even dangerous environments.
  • Multiple Sizes: Offered in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches to accommodate both small and large equipment or chambers.


  • Glass Options: Borosilicate (Pyrex) and clear quartz for high-temperature and high-pressure environments.
  • Housing Options: Carbon steel as standard, with custom fabrication in stainless steel or other metals available.


  • Hazardous material holding tanks, Furnaces, Boiler rooms, Water tanks, Industrial processing equipment