Observation Ports & Peep Sites

Additional Information
Observation ports & peep sites provide a window to visually inspect inside. They improve the safety and efficacy of your equipment and storage containers by making on-sight inspections easier. An observation port can be applied to almost any setting or environment where it is dangerous or impractical to conduct a direct inspection. With many different sizes available, Gage Glass provides options to work with a full range of equipment, containers and environments of all sizes and types. Observation ports are made with tough, durable glass, housed in a carbon steel housing, though fabricating with stainless steel or other metals is possible. Using borosilicate (Pyrex) or clear quartz glass, the viewing window on the port will stand up to high temperatures and high pressure environments. Quartz glass can withstand continuous operating temperatures of 1,600 degrees F while borosilicate can be used in continuous temperatures of 446 degrees F. The observation port is not intended for air regulation or cooling, but purely for inspections or viewing of the chamber. With a tight seal and a sturdy construction using the toughest glass on the market, viewers can safely observe even dangerous environments, including conditions inside hazardous material holding tanks, furnaces, boiler rooms, water tanks and more. With five different sizes available, ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches. We supply round observation port assemblies for use in the smallest and largest equipment or chambers. Select the correct size for your observation port and choose between carbon steel, stainless steel and other types of housing materials to best suit your equipment and your application.