Jomar Ball Valves & Add-a-Valves

Additional Information
Jomar Add-A-Valve has an emergency shut off device designed to eliminate shutdowns, the Filter Ball, a combination shut off valve and strainer, and the Lockwing By-Pass Valve, designed for fast gas meter change-outs without customer interruption. Jomar "The Isolator" brass body and flange provide strength and versatility for any application where a pipe and flange meet. The valve features a solid, hard chrome plated brass ball with reinforced Teflon® seats and a blowout proof steam sealed with Teflon® and an adjustable packing gland. Vinyl coated stamped steel handle. Ideal for use with circulating pumps. The solid brass flange when seated with a rubber gasket eliminates the problem of galvanic action commonly incurred when the use of an iron flange is connected to copper tubing.